Theta Healing

“Thoughts are an important part of your inner wisdom – and they are very powerful. A thought held long enough and repeated often enough becomes a belief”

~Dr Christiane Northrup


After many years of talking about pain, childhood issues and how stuck my life was feeling, I was told about the Theta Healing® Meditation technique. As far as I could make out, it seemed that there was a technique which could change the way I felt about things. The Law of Attraction was something I had heard about but never really related it to myself or my life. There is scientific evidence that what we think and feel, will return to us in reality. Our mind is hugely powerful and creates our day to day lives. I was tired of talking about it all and I just wanted things to change.

We are often aware that certain aspects of our lives are stuck or that we find it impossible to think or feel differently about situations or relationships or illnesses. We might refer to this as ‘negative patterns’ or ‘belief systems’. Could it really be possible to change all this and start to attract genuine happiness, success, abundance and good health? My experience, both personally and for my clients, has shown that this is absolutely possible.

A Theta Healing® practitioner is able to make a connection to what is going on in our subconscious minds and gently guide you to pinpoint where the negativity is coming from and what is the real root or cause of these patterns. Together you can work to change them, by firstly understanding why it has been so helpful for you to keep them in place throughout your life, then gently release them and replace them with more positive feelings and beliefs. It is a straight forward and instant process and the good thing is that you don’t have to re-live anything unpleasant, uncomfortable or traumatic – simply just identify it. Often the reason for these patterns can be locked away beyond our awareness, perhaps coming from our ancestors, early childhood or our cultural group and if you think that the subconscious mind is actually 90% of our minds, then we can start to understand how the Law of Attraction could be bringing us negative experiences without knowing why this is happening.

If you come for a session, all you need is to be open for change. The rest is a chat and at times, the practitioner will close their eyes to connect to the Theta brainwave. Anything that they are shown is immediately discussed and together you decide what to get rid of or change. The practitioner facilitates the changes for you and by using ‘muscle’ testing, it is possible to be aware of the shifts. The session works absolutely for your highest good and if you don’t feel comfortable about changing something or perhaps are not ready, then that is perfect for you. Whatever you need in that session will happen – we are all unique and have a different set of life experiences. Sometimes the change you desire can happen in one session, sometimes it may take a little longer to chip away at a pattern.

If you are curious, maybe consider a one-off session. Bring something that you would really like to change about your life and gain some understanding about it. If, for example, you have a deep rooted belief that ‘you don’t deserve to be happy’ then it could be that this will be attracting difficulties and pain in many areas of your life. The Law of Attraction is a ‘force’ and if we work with it then the cycle of negativity and pain can be released. It can be fun and get you thinking in ways that maybe you never have before.

There is real evidence emerging all the time that the state of our minds affects our health and well-being on all levels. Any issues, whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual can be brought to a session.

Theta Healing® was developed by Vianna Stibal, a naturopath, massage therapist and intuitive reader and is becoming very popular in the United Kingdom as a highly effective technique.

Components of the technique explained in a little more detail:

Muscle Testing, uses kinesiology principles and is a way of communicating with our subconscious . Your body responds positively to a positive belief and negatively to a negative belief. This enables us to identify what to release and is clear evidence for the client that a shift has taken place.

Readings help us to clarify what issues need to be worked on and provide information for enhancing any area of life. The practitioner can scan the body of the client and offer useful guidance to answer any questions about these issues for their highest good.

Digging is a technique used to uncover beliefs at the root which will enable the issue to be shifted right from the core. This can have the result of resolving several aspects all at once.

Belief Levels. Our beliefs are held on 4 different levels and can be released from these either separately or simultaneously. Core beliefs are picked up during our life time particularly in childhood. History beliefs are the group consciousness beliefs that are experienced by humanity, people of particular countries, race, class or sex etc. Soul beliefs can be very deep and powerful in directing the course of our lives. Genetic beliefs are those passed down from our ancestors for generations.

Theta Brainwave. The practitioner is taught to access the theta brainwave as a way of leaving their own paradigm (what they think and feel about the situation) and connecting with Universal Source Energy. Vianna’s research is showing that the client also enters the Theta state and this is the reason why the subconscious mind can be re-programmed during sessions.

The Consultation

A session will generally last for at least an hour. The client should be aware of an issue that they would like to work on and this will be gently explored and changes made with their agreement. The client and the practitioner are seated opposite each other. It is vital to be well hydrated for the muscle testing process, so the client will be encouraged to drink water.

Performers and Theta Healing

Juliet offers sessions with performers to work on all related issues and anxieties. Her professional life as a musician has given her many insights and first hand experience on many of the difficulties that can emerge and has had many personal shifts through the use of Theta Healing. Click here for more information.

Juliet has attained the following qualifications:

Theta Healer® Basic DNA Practitioner

Theta Healer® Advanced DNA Practitioner

Theta Healer® Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner

Theta Healer® Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner

Theta Healer® DNA3 Practitioner.

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Theta Healing® is not a substitute for medical treatment and as such does not claim to diagnose or cure any medical condition. It can support well-being for the mind, body and spirit in anyway that is needed and is safe to receive with any ongoing medical treatment.