“At a time of great anxiety, depression and illness last summer (2011), a friend of mine bought me 2 sessions with Juliet Lewis. As I write, completely well and happy six months later, I recognise more and more how much Juliet’s work with me helped to shift deep-seated patterns through the use of the extraordinary theta technique and also restored me within, through her use of Reiki. I was astonished how quickly she works, tuning in to me very fast and working with what she was given. I cannot recommend her highly enough; for her professionalism, flexibilty (she travelled some distance to see me), generosity (she made me a Bach Flower Remedy mixture to calm my nerves) and abilities. She really is a remarkable therapist” 

Emma Dewhurst, Editor ‘WOW’ magazine and actress.

“Juliet Lewis has been an integral part of healing therapies for my family for the past few years. In our case, Juliet’s insight and abilities have been a strong supplement that has eased our reliance on conventional medicine. Particularly, her Reiki abilities were helpful when she worked in conjunction with my father’s conventional treatment for prostate cancer. Fortunately, that problem seems to be behind us and I appreciate Juliet’s intervention. More personally, I have felt the effects of her insight through her application of Bach Flower Remedies. An especially effective time was when she empowered me to wrangle my own three ring circus of a) working overseas b) being away from my fiancee and c) self-sabotaging tendencies of ADHD. More than simply my personal therapist, I consider myself lucky to count Juliet among my go-to medical practitioners like my GP or my dentist!”

Robbie Jones, Musician

“Theta healing sessions with Juliet Lewis has been the most amazing and incredible experience of my life. Juliet delivers her healing sessions with such warmth, love and enthusiasm that her sessions always make me feel extremely comfortable, safe and recharges me with fresh positive energy. She’s extraordinarily visual and her insightful healing connected me with my own self for the first time and changed my life completely! I am blessed to have been able to connect with this extraordinary, kind and most generous person and receive healing from her. I thank her with all my heart.”

Mrs Soma Mukherjee, Research Systems Manager

I saw Juliet very much on a gut instinct and absolutely loved my first impressions of her. Her welcoming smile and huge heart all help one to feel safe, relaxed and intrigued for the session. I knew nothing about Theta Healing or what to expect, so my session with Juliet was a huge surprise. I felt we embarked on a journey together for the hour where Juliet knew my heart and higher self and acted as a translator between all my different parts. The whole session I felt an incredible sense of calm and we even shared the same vision on one subject. She is a wonderful human being, a very special person and she truly helped me to let go of many old hurts I have been desperately trying to heal for over 7 years. She allowed my natural light to begin to shine again and she helped me realise the importance of self-belief as well as enjoying my own power. I feel Juliet can offer a great deal to any individual who is seeking a way of helping themselves, to grow and be fully empowered and especially for people who feel ready to be the best they can be. Her natural ability to connect, to keep things simple and make sure the session is about you, is what makes her stand out from the crowd. There is no need to understand or come prepared, all is as it’s meant to be with Juliet! She is a real gem and I look forward to working with her again in the future.



One of the most extraordinary things about a session of Theta Healing with Juliet is the abundance of powerful and poignant imagery. Despite myself, and without understanding the relevance initially, I was taken on an impulsive journey to my 2 year old self, which brought up a fountain of tears and powerful childhood experiences, all in the quest to find balance in my current work life. Theta had a strange mystical quality for me at first, but I have grown to treasure it greatly and especially in Juliet’s hands. For someone who likes to see themselves as an artist in many aspects of life, I find the visualisations powerful reassurance that the process is in touch with me and my own insights, albeit subconscious ones. I found the session to be moving, clarifying and clearly transitional. Within an hour and a half I had moved from a state of deep stress and uncertainty to much calmer waters, a greater sense of being grounded and my own value in the circumstances. I am grateful to have had this guidance in my life and recommend it whole-heartedly to those seeking comfort.

S. Jones


In dealing with a lot of major changes typical in mid-life for me, I have found Juliet to be exceptionally intuitive and helpful in how she assesses and cuts through to the most valuable process to follow – whether reiki or bach flower or theta or her special fusion of the three. She has always responded very quickly and with great insight to my concerns and in particular, her skills with reiki healing and teaching have given me an enormously valuable personal tool. Juliet has an aura of quiet empathy that is very soothing to someone in trouble. I sense that she has a lot of life experience that clearly guides her listening and healing skills. She is very approachable, easy to talk to and gently responsive – which draws me to a place of peace and trust. I am thankful to have been able to call on her special skills.

S. L