Support for Performers

Are you a musician, an actor, a dancer or a public speaker?

Theta Healing is proving a valuable technique to help and support the stresses and strains of an artist’s life. These are some of the issues that have emerged in sessions, do they sound familiar to you?

  • Performance anxiety and nerves for concerts, auditions, exams
  • Confidence
  • Age – feeling that we are too old to be offered work, negative expectations of the life span of our careers
  • Playing and performing to colleagues
  • Other peoples’ expectations of us
  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Deserving success
  • Is there enough work out there?
  • Feelings of being judged or criticized
  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs and emotions such as fear)
  • Being in the spotlight
  • Feelings of failure
  • Releasing memory in the cells around past experiences, failures, rejections and traumas
  • Changing patterns for repeating the same solos which you have always feared
  • Knowing how to connect to and express what is in your heart
  • Playing and performing in venues that trigger traumatic memories
  • Being effected by fellow performers and picking up psychic attacks and psychic hooks
  • Accessing information about the future
  • Working on releasing blocks and turning around negative beliefs and expectations to attract a better, more abundant future
  • Releasing blocks to getting the work you want,
  • Being paid enough for what you do
  • Surviving a touring lifestyle and being away from home
  • Personal relationships and the difficulties of the lifestyle that cause tension and distance between partners

Juliet has been a professional oboe, saxophone and piano player over a period of 28 years playing in many of the major orchestras in the UK, London’s West End Theatres, Big Bands and as a soloist and chamber musician. Her teaching experience covers both adults and children, at all stages of development, on a private basis, as well as in schools and music services. Her understanding of the issues we can face as performers, brings an empathy to this aspect of her work.

We are all unique and have a different set of life experiences that can impact us as artists and manifest in emotional and physical ways. By changing what we hold onto that is negative into something powerful and positive, shifts can happen to attract what we want and take us forward.