Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach was a physician and homeopathic doctor who believed that healing the mind was the key to maintaining good health and recovering from illness. When we have balanced emotions and feel ‘good’, the body can have the best chance to heal itself and return to it’s natural state. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, Dr Bach discovered 38 different flower and plant based remedies that are directly linked to different emotions such as fear, anger, uncertainty, grief or a lack of confidence. Many of us know about Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of five different flower remedies and has a calming effect in any ‘crisis’ situation. The remedies are gentle, safe and simple to use.


For great hopelessness and feelings that no more can be done….


For those who feel responsible and carry guilt….


For fear that you may lose control….


The Consultation

The practitioner will help and guide the client to identify any negative feelings and suggest possible remedies. The client will be encouraged to be part of the decision-making process about which ones are best for them and be guided to use the system for themselves. The consultation will include a unique mix of remedies to take away.

We often find that our healing process can be like ‘peeling layers of an onion’ and once we address certain feelings, others can come up in their place. This is part of the journey to identify the root of any issue and bit by bit we can start to feel better. Once the bottle of remedies is finished or we no longer feel drawn to take them, it usually means that things have shifted. A further consultation would then be advisable and a new selection of remedies discussed.


Bach Flower Remedies are not a substitute for medical treatment and as such do not claim to diagnose or cure any medical condition. They can support well-being for mind, body and spirit in anyway that is needed and are safe to take with any ongoing medication.